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Telecare Anywhere specializes in workers compensation care and are experts in the practice of guideline-based medicine on a national scale. By joining our physician network you can expand your clinic’s reach and utilize our online education platform be successful with Virtual Occupational Health.

Online Classes For


virtual education for health professionals

Telecare Anywhere is committed to guideline-based medicine and strongly believes that when paired with top-tier telemedicine technology, it will create better outcomes for patients. To that end, TCA offers online educational classes, so physicians can learn to utilize these guidelines and technology to provide better care to their patients. See our education programs below:

Work Comp Care

Education on virtually treating injured workers for occupational health.

National Care

Utilize our proprietary software that provides suggestions on guideline-based care on a national level.

Follow Up Care

Learn to build relationships with your patients and provide care from moment of injury until they are released from care.

Professional Standards

Learn to look professional in a virtual clinic environment and provide quality care every visit.

EMR Training

Train on and utilize our proprietary EMR system that suggests guideline based treatment plans and care.

Report Generation

Learn to look professional in a virtual clinic environment and provide quality care every visit.

New To Workers Compensation?

No problem! Our provider network and training program is open to anyone interested in learning about virtual occupational healthcare. If you are an occupational health expert or completely new to the field, we believe you will find our training platform helpful. Join our provider network and find out for yourself.

Utilize Technology In Your Practice

TCA has developed a telemedicine educational program that is designed to teach physicians and medical specialists how use the guidelines of their state to create detailed and customized treatment plans for their patients, as well as how to add our telemedicine technology to their practice. Through the combined utilization of the guideline-based medicine and telemedicine technology, our physicians provide better care and outcomes, increasing their revenue while reducing overall medical costs to the insurers.

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